Sunday, October 15, 2006

From Me to U, Personal and Friendly

A message from Berlin... (Things are great here and this city is amazing)

Curious enough, but things in the energy world can be simple. When I mean simple I do not think about the dynamic complications of thermo-math or electrical circuit design. These things can be a headache, especially if you are up until three in the morning punching numbers into your calculator.

When I mean simple, I think about how easy it is to flick on a switch and the room suddenly be filled with light. How when you turn a dial, warm air flows from the vents. This is simple and easy. This is the way an energy engineer should think. How will someone use this energy? How can it be made to ease daily burdens? i.e.,chopping wood in the cold is not the choice of chores, but necessary to hold back the cold sensations in your fingers and toes.

Understanding this directs my thoughts to how producing the different forms of energy is not really the problem. It really is the delivery of a propre energy service to people. Knowing the needs and matching the production to the need as efficient as possible and economically feasiable is how innovation is born.

Providing a service is where the energy sector needs to move forward. Producing electorons and delivering a fuel is the model of the past. People will demand more and something different, even as demand for sustainable forms of energy are continuously increasing. This is when the business model will shift to a personal level. People taking charge of their own energy production, with a guiding hand showing them the way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an old question that governments have failed to deliver. However, ingenuity from people has made possible to create other sources of energy. Like electricity, as an example. It was not legislation or a juicy government job that brought this tale to fruition. It was the inventive mind of scientist, searching.... You have to walk tha same route of aspirations and wanderings/wonderings until you arrive to the point of a " I got it". The route/re-route of discovery is a silent route full of blind endings but the "real route" is just a dream away or a suddent thought away....
by Random Thoughts.

1:01 AM  
Blogger Swedish lamps and other energy tales said...

Thanks Random Thoughts for your lines of of clear thoughts. The "Eureka" is in all of us, if we set our minds to a task. I, personally, want to find just that and make real the Dream that keeps pulling me forward.

12:07 AM  

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