Sunday, August 27, 2006

Can Rock and Roll live forever???

Ba dum, ba dum, ba dum, clash, bada bada boom, clash. The rhythm of a drum kit pierces my dreams and wakes me to a glowing room full of sun rays. It is about 9 am Stockholm time and my empty apartment is washed in the Scandinavian sun. As my eyes adjust to the light, my ears search for the rock and roll drum beat.

Next door to my apartment building is a school and lucky for me the music room is adjacent to my apartment. I stand in front of my windows to see a 14 year old-looking kid swing drumsticks. A kid beside him picks up an electric guitar, waves at me and begins a riff to match the rhythm. My first day in Stockholm.

Each day over the past week, the music room gave me rock ‘n roll breakfast, recess, lunch, and afternoon snack. It would not be so bad if they could play some songs, but practice makes perfect and all they did was practice.

Besides the intermittent entertainment, the apartment is large and spacious. The makeshift camping-mat-bed served well for the past week and now a new IKEA bed adorns the room. My back and shoulders were delighted. A small full bathroom, kitchenette and wardrobe came with the place and not much else.

What I like the most is the view to the front door. Since I am on the first floor of a 7 story building, I can monitor the ins and outs of the tenants. I think back to a children’s book I read, Harriett the Spy, where the main character, Harriett, keeps logs of everything and everyone on the street. From her observations she makes conclusions about people’s lives and so the story goes. I have not started a log, but there are a lot of people in my building and I have not formaly met anyone yet. I am curious though.

My amenties are all close by (walking distance). The neighbourhood has large apartment complexes, no more than 3-5 stories high, and two schools. In the middle of it all is a public square. A fountain, restaurant, pizza shop, grocery store, convenience store, and furniture shop surround the public meeting area making the place quite friendly. A major bus route (every 7 mins) circles the square and transports people to Stockholm centre or to other smaller surrounding towns.


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