Monday, August 21, 2006

My Week in England

Day 1: (Rolling Metal Hills)

Arrived in the UK with no hassels. We have been having
a blast so far. Maja today rode on a roller coaster
for the first time at Brighton Beach Pier. She really
liked it. The beach is pretty kick ass with lots of
spots to walk around and check out the great scenery.

We are staying in a countryside mansion with fancy
everything. Cristina and Adam have been very good to
us. The one thing I am finding is how expensive things
are here. Gasoline, for example, is double our price,
yet you have to drive around everywhere. Kind of

Day 2: (16 Million and One eyes)

My day in London exploring the city sights, glancing
first right and then left as I cross each street.
Luckily the sidewalk reminds you that the traffic runs
in different directions. LOOK RIGHT! nice! A huge wheel dominates the skyline
always staring at me. Staring at everyone. At the
park, in the pubs, on the double decker bus. Each
Londoner wishing to escape its glance, yet knowingly
it continues watching. Usually people just ignore it
and drink themselves silly in SOHO. They bounce from
pub to pub not caring, except for the next cigarette
or pint glass touching their lips.

Day 3: (Shocking Culture)

The rain fell and stopped. It poured and stalled. I ducked into the Camden Stables selling clothes and wares. One stable brought me to the 'Matrix', t-shirts sewed with wires and technology. It was the Cyberkid sub-culture beating into my ears. The sound driving me to let loose and absorb the scratching of electronic noise. Only to realize how expensive becoming a cyborg can be.

In the evening, we dropped by an alchemist's pub selling draft and good cheer.
The crowd was ruly, but not drunk like my peers.
Our stumbling walk, forgetting some of our gear,
Drew us closer together when things were not clear.
The day was complete when the trains brought us near,
Only to finally rejoice that our weekend was here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well I hear you guys are in your apartment, stealing other people;s internet--definite possible spokespeople for the Pirate Party--and generally groping your way through a new rubber room. can't wait to hear more of these halleluja psmals to the great gods. you know the ones.

6:37 AM  

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