Monday, July 01, 2013

Viral Apocalypse

Hello again....

Chemicals are a by-product of atomic alchemy. I find it frightening how pharmaceutical companies are churning out chemical concoctions for so many medical ailments. I wonder if they have in research and development a pill to cure the zombie apocalypse. Or how I like to call it, the Viral Apocalypse.

Most of us know how a virus works. First of all, practically every virus discovered is not healthy for our species. Viruses usually consume their host as much as they can, some even cause our defenses to attack the host. Viruses are scary stuff, very horror movie scary. Picture these beings floating or running or even flying through the air eating everything in its path. I bet you could name five films that describe this carnivorus cinematic escapades. Perhaps our cultural scribes are warning us of the future or at least a high probable chance of the future.

When you play with fire, the chance that you will probably burn yourself is all dependant on your experince with matches or other flammable objects. Even then, I would peg the number that a typical boy scout has a 2 percent chance of burning themselves at their fire. Two out of a hundred times or one out of fifty times. Its a right of passage to get burn blisters at a campfire. Obviously it can happen again, but you are more experienced with the consequences. I believe pharmaceutical industries are playing with fire and have not witnessed a contagion critical crisis... a Viral Apocalypse... to understand the consequences.

Hell yeah I am paranoid. Our chemical history has been way to short and way to aggressive. In the past, your neighbourhood alchemist was usually the crazy person at the edge of town, always burning off their eyebrows. So when they looked at you it was creepy and you usually ran away scared. Breaking down chemical chains was truly an art form and it devoted a lot a attention to reactions with pure forms of elements. Although, finding pure forms was the pot of gold. They were difficult to find and if there was an abundance, it usually was hoarded. Having a pure form of elements allows for greater control in manipulating its powers. So when petroleum came along, complex chemical chains suddenly provide a simple Lego system, to create interesting products. Solid, liquid, and gaseous products could be easily crafted by adding heat to petroleum and extracting the exact state you need to make... a plastic spoon.

Oil wealth created a new industry with chemicals. We could make almost anything we wanted with a barrel of petroleum. It could even take us to the moon. Damn... why not. Volcan, god of alchemy, hear our prayers, give us the knowledge to cure the sick, to alter our reality, to clear our nose from dryness during the winter months, to coat our floors with scented sterile soaps, and to change this natural world. The alchemists suddenly all became very rich. This richness gave them influence and power and perhaps an sense of godness. Other industries took notice and realised that they too can benefit with the powers in the black chemical soup. It allowed many industries to refine their crafts and when you were finished you could easily dump it. Soon enough the land, the water, and the air started to change in areas of higher concentrations of these chemicals and our species wondered if this would change our biology.

Democratic controls were established and laws were enacted to limit these altering states to the land, sea, and air. However, much, in my opinion, has yet to be cleaned up, the one particular pesky poison is the chemical by-product of pharmaceutical consumption. Yes, I am talking about our toxic urine, our foul feces. Our species worship these pharma-alchemist every day, some once a day, others three times a day (At the end of every prayer you always say "gulp"). So what happens to these drugs once they leave our system and enter our ecosystem? With higher concentrations of drugs in cities, water ways are chocked full of these chemical chains. What are the consequences? Is it a horror movie story? Could a virus begin to take form and soon grow into monsters we cannot control, spreading until all of us are consumed. The Earth would probably just burp us out after and send us to another planet to do it all over again.