Friday, February 16, 2007

Extra Posting: Next Steps

A buzz word... a useful phrase... a total brand. Could it have attained such a high status? Climate change has emerged, it sits on most tongues, it dwells on minds and dominates headlines. Since this issue has reached super status, I feel it is now time to move on.

The debate is over. There is no need to fight whether this scientist or the other proved this or that. Why? Well every time the rains pour down and flood a small town, could this be climate change working? Every time a tornado splits a neighbourhood apart, oh, could this be climate change acting? Every time a record is broken in weather measurements, oh, could THIS be caused by climate change? The public has grasped the essence of the situation, we really don’t know if all these changes in the weather are true causes from millions of billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. All we know, and we all feel it too, is that something is different. We must take heed and prepare.

Climate change evangelists have done their work. Their tremendous speeches, dazzling graphics and conviction has won the public. They deserve much respect for the intense work and much comfort for all the criticism they endured. The ground has been cleared. It is time now to march, to pick up the hammer and begin constructing. Each step of the way, brilliant concepts, explosive ingenuity, and unfettered creativity must be mixed in our path forward.

The rules are simple, like always, those who are strong survive. It is now the renaissance of adaptation, and unlike in other times, this needs to be faster. We will not have the time to react, things will change quickly leaving many behind. Our values, ethics, and what we hold dear need to be re-evaluated. In the Capsule Age, we have to be resourceful, quick in thought and co-operatation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant!!! Exuberant words!! the world now needs you !!! with clear mind able to create a road map a pathway to point out, where and when to re-construct our lives and to re-learn this new way of living under this sun....
By Random Thoughts

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